Whiteboard Animation Software – Doodly Review

With this whiteboard animation software you can create realistic attention grabbing doodle videos with this powerful point and click video software.

Get Your Copy of Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software Here: Click Here

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Create the most realistic whiteboard or blackboard animations in minutes.

Doodly whiteboard video software allows you to use the over 300 preloaded animations, including over 10 characters with multiple poses and over 200 props and 10 prebuilt scenes.

Doodly also allows you to upload your whiteboard images, fonts and audio. With Doodly you can use the prebuilt animations (which are spot on & professionally drawn) or create your animation “draw paths” on your own images. A really nice feature is once you’ve saved your own animation, Doodly will save it to your “Whiteboard video library”, so you can reuse them in any of your future whiteboard animations.

Drop multiple music or sound effects in the timeline & you can import your own .mp3 music, sound effect or voiceover files.

Best of all, it’s VERY easy to create these sketch animations… anyone can do it! Go ahead and pick up your copy. Works on both Mac & PC.

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