WP Rebrandr

Wp Rebrandr

Selling websites to local business is EXTREMELY profitable


Because those guys have absolutely no clue about IT,
and they DON’T WANT to touch anything what is web
related with their own hands

Instead, they are happily paying hundreds of dollars
to guys like you just to install simple WordPress (we’re
talking $100 – $300 per installation!)

And now you will be able to charge even more:

>> WP Rebrandr

WP Rebrandr allows you to completely customise the WordPress
dashboard – brand it with your own logos, texts, looks

Clients will be blown away, because they will think that
you’re using your own custom software solution:

>> WP Rebrandr

And rebranding only takes a few minutes!



WP Rebrandr

WP Rebrandr

WP Rebrandr

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